New Art Highlights

4 - 10 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Stephen Anthony Davids, Alex Hetherington, James Steventon and Jeremy Turner.

I am a free man, 2019-2020 by Stephen Anthony Davids

Stephen Anthony Davids 

Medium: Oil and acrylic on canvas

Size: 184cm x 184cm
Year: 2020

The free slave captured by slaved racketeers and sold into slavery.
The slave eventually escapes and rides off into the sunset a freeman. This depicts his journey and his eventual emancipation. The painting is a metaphor in parts, to the plight of an oppressed person. Part autobiographical, the painting is also a story of my own daily struggle to be free and the urge to want to ride off into the sunset. Whereby slavery in the British Colonies was abolished in (1833) the legacy of enslavement has passed down through generations and is is endemic today in the psychology of the black man. What do repeated traumas visited upon generation after generation of a people produce?
I am a Freeman is a painting of self reflection and hope. The horse is a symbol of power. The black riding the white horse to freedom is metaphor where the viewer can interpret the white horse meaning.

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Outtakes in lieu of a ghost story, 2020 by Alex Hetherington

Alex Hetherington 

35mm and 16mm film still

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8 hours (for Graham), 2020 by James Steventon

James Steventon 

Pencil on paper.

Durational drawing.

A mark is made for each inhalation and exhalation, repeated continuously for a full day during lockdown, whilst wearing a face mask throughout.

Drawn for Fermynwoods Contemporary Art's Breathing In Art series of artist designed face masks:

December 2020

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Open Circuit, 2019-2020 by Jeremy Turner

Jeremy Turner 

Image from the inaugural exhibition, 'Nice To See You, To See You Nice' at CASC Gallery, (Contemporary Art Space Chester), January 2020

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