New Art Highlights

29 August - 4 September

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Stephen Anthony Davids, Paul R Jones, Caryl Beach and Jan Lee Johnson

Man with broken nose in cap, 2021 - 2022 by Stephen Anthony Davids

Stephen Anthony Davids

Oil on limewood panel
Size: 25cm x 25cm
Tray Framed

From a series of paintings on panel and canvas of men in caps. Inspired by the photographs of New Yorks Harlem District of the 1930's - 1950s.

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The Forests are Burning, 2022 by Paul R Jones

Paul R Jones 

Responding to the environmental crisis 'The Forests are Burning' is a publication that includes a 7" single and digital video artwork.

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Death Dreams & Desire Project, 2022 by Caryl Beach

Caryl Beach

New work developed for an upcoming exhibition - Death Dreams and Desire - Memento Collective - September 2022

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In the process of researching for this exhibition, Freud’s 1910 essay ‘Leonardo da Vinci, A Memory from his Childhood’ triggered an early memory for Caryl. This was the starting point for the works in this show which depict buried memories of childhood trauma as well as glimpses of happier times whilst growing up. She investigates the impact and meaning of childhood memory as well as questioning possibilities around false memory.

‘post memory is a powerful form of memory because it’s connection to it’s object or source is mediated not through recollection but through representation, projection and creation, often based on silence rather than speech, on invisible rather than visible’

Marianne Hirsche

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LEGACY, Exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, Marylebone London 6-11 Sept '22 by Jan Lee Johnson

Jan Lee Johnson

EXHIBITION at the Crypt Gallery, Marylebone London 6-11 sept 22.

Including ‘ The Shoes of Madame Deficit ‘ painting on canvas by Jan Lee Johnson.

All works in the show are chosen for the unique environment of the gallery.
The shoes are typical of the ultra feminine Marie Antoinette who was called Madame deficit by the french and blamed for the financial excesses which ultimately led to the French Revolution.

In the painting there is a strand of her hair and a locket containing a portrait of the queens head - by madam Vigee le Brun, the female court artist appointed by Marie Antoinette.

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