The Mosses and Marshes project brings together artists, land managers and environmental specialists in the UK and Australia questioning how we think about and value natural environments through works centred on the raised peat bogs of Fenn’s Bettisfield and Whixall Mosses NNR on the border between England and Wales and the iconic Macquarie Marshes in New South Wales, Australia.

Andrew Howe and digital media artist Kim V. Goldsmith (NSW, Australia) are co-leading the project in partnership with Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the UK. Howe and Goldsmith began working together in 2018 as part of the international art programme, Arts Territory Exchange.

Public funding from the National Lottery awarded by Arts Council England combined with funding secured in Australia enables work with five other artists: Elizabeth Turner and Keith Ashford, Sue Challis, Kate Johnston and Lydia Halcrow, artist/curator Gudrun Filipska of Arts Territory Exchange, Mediaactive Projects CIC and local partners Wem Youth Club and Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

Work will be created for exhibitions in the UK and Australia, sound walk(s), public events and a publication documenting the artwork, research and documentation.