Five years ago I created a series of paintings inspired by conversations with people recovering from PTSd - "The Twisted Rose and Other Lives". In 2023 I will be returning to this subject again based on conversations with people who have who are recovering from post-traumatic stress.

The participants will be a mix of new subjects and those I painted five years ago. The work will explore the ability of art to give people new insights into difficult subjects, and further explore how being involved in the ‘portraiture’ process can be cathartic for those whose stories are being interpreted by an artist. I will be collaborating with researchers to place the work in a wider art and recovery context. The project is being supported by With-you, a leading peer support organisation.

I will be putting together bids for funding to various places including the Arts Council (who part funded the 2018 work). As part of those bids I will need help finding 3 things:

1. Suitable Venues to exhibit. Somewhere that is suitable for a thought-provoking non-commercial exhibition, ideally with the potential to hold a private view and a seminar. The space needs to be secure, and to some degree, invigilated.

In the past I've used public galleries, business foyers and academic institutions etc.

2. Additional funding/sponsorship - this could include donation of space or materials in kind, or an actual financial contribution.

3. Media/Journalist involvement. I think this could make an interesting project to follow with the potential to follow the stories of some of those involved in the process.