Approved: 03.06.2012

anne moses

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Approved: 03.06.2012



    Artist Statement

    Anne:  [email protected]

    My work revolves around the themes of  'touch';  'hidden';   'covered';   'waiting'.

    Personal moments of life seen at close range;  elusive  feelings and emotions. Combining modern and traditional working methods is a defining element of my work, referencing both contemporary and historical sources. 

    Using digital manipulation of my original photographic source material before executing the paintings and drawings allows for initial experimentation with composition, colour, close up detail of the subject.

    The highly detailed paintings (mainly large scale) are produced using the traditional method of oil glaze painting.  I use this method with layers of transparent colour (without the use of white) and glaze applied onto a white oil primed ground - a slow and meticulous process which gives a luminosity and depth to the colour.

    Graphite drawings are also part of my practice.

    please contact Anne for further information: [email protected]

    CV & Education

    contact anne:  [email protected]

    represented by the Roy Sfeir Gallery, Paris

    Qualifications and training:

    BA Hons Degree in Fine Art, Manchester University

    • Selected Exhibitions/Commissions
    • 2018Sunny Art Prize, London (finalist)
    • 2018:  Aesthetica Art Prize (2nd round)
    • 2017:  Gemini Art Prize, London (finalist)
    • 2017:  Laura l Gallery, London
    • 2017:  Curious Duke Gallery, London
    • 2017:  Shortlisted for Jerwood Visual Arts Artist Bursary
    • 2016:  Nominee for the BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER    
    • 2016:  Lacy Contemporary Gallery, London 
    • 2016:  ICAC (International Confederation of Art Critics, 'Best of July')
    • 2016:  Old Mill Gallery, Wiltshire         
    • 2016:  Aesthetica Art Prize, (shortlist)
    • 2016:  Jacksons Art Prize (long list)
    • 2016:  Columbia Threadneedle, London (shortlisted for exhibition)
    • 2016:  Roy Sfeir Gallery, Paris, represented on Artsper
    • 2016:  Roy Sfeir Gallery, Paris
    • 2015:  CAMAC selected residency (funded by British Arts Council), France;  
    • 2015:  INTERBIFEP (International Biennial Festival of Portrait), Tuzla
    • 2015:  Espacio Gallery,  London
    • 2014:  Karin Jannsen Gallery, London, 'Chinese Whispers' project  
    • 2014:  Nasty Alice Gallery, Eindehoven;      
    • 2014:  Galerie Roy Sfeir, Paris;      
    • 2014:  'Beep' Wales International Contemporary Painting.
    • 2013: Galerie Du Fleuve, Paris.
    • 2012: Axolotl Gallery, Edinburgh;    
    • 2012: Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Award, New York (shortlisted)
    • 2011: Affordable Art Fair, London;    
    • 2011: Axolotl Gallery, Edinburgh;      
    • 2011: Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Award, New York  (shortlisted)    
    • 2010: Elizabeth Shingler Gallery, Richmond, North Yorkshire.       
    • 2009: Studio of Kyriakos Grekas, Athens;    Rushpool Hall, North Yorkshire.


    Kensington & Chelsea Magazine, August 2016,    Interbifep catalogue, November 2015;    Eindhovens Dagblad, December 2014;    Wall St. International, November 2014;    Hackney Review (cover), November 2014;   East End Review, November 2014;   'Beep' catalogue, 2014