Welcome to the ART BUBBLE Artists in Conversation video series where I talk with other contemporary artists.

Contemporary artists Angela and Catherine Wynne-Paton in conversation at Angelas studio in Bishops Frome on 16th February 2017.

Angela Holden embraces intuition in the creation of her paintings, process being really important to the journey she takes with paint and canvas. She ‘Utilises the transformative and seductive qualities of paint, exploring simple structures and colour relationships, which she believes is a visual echo of her desire for organisation and clarity.
She recently visited a boatyard and was influenced by the rich variety of textures and shapes hanging around in this transitional place linked to the unpredictable sea.
She has a solo exhibition coming up at The Apple Store Gallery, Hereford from 1 March to 29 April 2017.
My practice is predominantly concerned with investigating the relationship between the physical world and the world of text. I’m a visual artist of dynamic output: from miniature paintings to mobile festival performances, videos to site responsive work on aluminium.