I have been working on a project with pupils from the Junior King's School, Sturry, Kent. We are re-imagining the Willow Pattern story based on the school grounds, building and landscape. I am working in collaboration with the Art Teacher, Jeanette Sylvestor. We have now completed the artwork, using a range of blue inks, brushes and ink pens and deciding which design to put into production. Digital Ceramic Systems in Stoke on Trent, are creating the final plates for us, using matching tableware in use at the school. Blueswift printers and framers in Ramsgate are scanning the original artworks for us so we can create his res ceramic transfers. Our hope is to circulate a number of the plates into the canteen, to pop up at lunchtimes in the refectory. A permanent display of the work will be added to an existing collection of traditional blue and white china at the school.