West End Centre, Aldershot
Jan 16-27, 2023

BIO GRAPH is a 2 person show that offers an insight into the worlds of artists Tina Crawford and Darshana Vora.

Tina works primarily with materials and objects altered and constructed through sewing - the sewing machine articulating her often autobiographical experiences - and presents us with very personal sculptures marking significant moments in her life. By giving form to complex emotions, Tina's works are very poignant, moving and deeply felt expressions.

Darshana Vora's interest in Mindfulness and Buddhist philosophies bring her to ask questions of form and space, using abstract shapes to create dialogues with space (emptiness). Never literal, the series of works in 'residues from a future' use fluid gestural marks to conjure affective compositions. Akin to themeless meditation, they are made with attention to the present moment, spontaneously, completed in one sitting.

BIO GRAPH speaks of time and journeys through personal history in the artists's lives.