Approved: 22.06.2012

Helena Eflerova

Artist, Gallery educator, Lecturer / academic, Project manager, Researcher

Approved: 22.06.2012

I am a live performance and multi-disciplinary artist with over a decade of professional experience, creating candid cultural experiences. This includes performing and showcasing my work in England and abroad.

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    Artist Statement

    I am a live performance and multi-disciplinary artist with over a decade of professional experience, creating candid cultural experiences. This includes performing and showcasing my work in England and abroad.


    The performance works involve embodiment and participants engagement in water that use various techniques: somatics, bodywork and contact improvisation dance.


    My background as a sculptor has changed, I have replaced traditional material with flesh and become aquatic live artist using water as my studio and stage. 


    I create relational and participatory live performances for and with diverse cross generational communities that also provides an outlet for my prenatal research.


    My passion to engage with people in water originates from coming from Teplice, a spa city in Czechia. Since then I have continually been developing my aquatic performance skills and practiced bodywork, dance, diving, floating and swimming. 


    A key work that has informed my practice is Trimester, a series of works created in collaboration with Kye Wilson and Maurizio Mancioli, that includes live underwater performances, video installations, photographic prints and publications created in response to contemporary issues concerned with foetus development and experiences.


    My achievements include:


    -  Receiving a variety of commissions and awards including numerous grants from Arts Council England; ‘Best Graduate Prize’, Glynn Vivian Art and participating in São Paulo Art Biennial. 


    -  Live performances, site-specific, participatory and multi-disciplinary projects at The Link Gallery; Portsmouth/Winchester Cathedral; APT Gallery (London); Galerie ITC (Czechia).


    - Collaborations with sound artist, poets and filmmakers.


    -  Graduating with an MA in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art (2011).

    CV & Education

    Personal statement

    Helena Eflerová is an award winning and dedicated professional artist, with over sixteen years’ experience in the visual art. She has a proven track record of success, which includes performance, video and installation art productions. She has created projects for diverse intergenerational and marginalised communities in UK and abroad. Working on freelance bases, she is looking for the right opportunity to bring her expertise to new commission and research performance in water for health and wellbeing.


    Key Skills


    ·                Excellent research skills.

    ·                Outstanding performance and audience interface skills.

    ·                Strong leadership and the ability to motivate her team.

    ·                Experienced leader of workshops, talks, seminars, tutorials, supervisions.

    ·                Expert knowledge of the Conceptual Art, Fine Art, Video Art and Live Art.

    ·                Skilled in durational and site-specific performance, physical performance, Butoh, Contact Improvisation dance.

    ·                Highly specialised in Aquatic Bodywork therapy and Aquatic Contact Improvisation dance.


    Employment History


    Helena Eflerová Visual Artist and Facilitator, Founder of HE AQUATICS Bournemouth

    (January 2007 – to date)


    Key results and responsibilities:


    ·                Co-Director of award winning artist collective Wilson-Eflerová.

    ·                Numerous performance productions over a decade, given both nationally and internationally.

    ·                Exhibited work in universities, art galleries, off-site gallery, heritage and site-specific environments.

    ·                Successful funding over £150k grants achieved to date for the arts applications.

    ·                Obtained in kind funding from a range of local sources.

    ·                Managed the commissions, events, exhibitions, projects, and workshops in the South East/West.

    ·                Provided excellent creative environment with wide range of communities and people of all ages.

    ·                Pioneered Aquatic Contact Improvisation dance and Aquatic Bodywork in hydrotherapy pools.

    ·                Built collaborations and partnership with cultural, social health care and academia industries.

    ·                Attended numerous Contemporary Art and Dance shows to improve product knowledge, kept up-to-date in the industry and enhanced the brand image.

    ·                Funding from Arts Council of England, the Grants for the Arts, Portsmouth Festivities, Portsmouth Historic Dockyards and Guildford Borough.

    ·                Exhibited at Mottisfont Abbey, Winchester and Portsmouth Cathedrals, God’s House, Madatac, In-touch BICIF, APT Galley and John Hansard Gallery.




    University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art

    (September 2006– August 2009)


    Masters of Arts degree in Fine Art Sculpture.



    University of Glamorgan, West Wales School of The Arts

    (September 2003 – June 2006)


    Bachelor of Arts Degree in a Fine Art Ceramics.



    Professional membership, Awards, Collections and Prizes


    Professional membership

    a-n AIR (Artist interaction and representation).

    Axisweb (a platform to support artists and profile their activities).

    NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design).



    Main Awards

    Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England: Ecclesia/Synagoga (2015); Embodied Vistas (2014); Faces project (2014); Anima/Animus (2013); Hunter/Hunted (2012).



    Embodied Vistas (photographic prints 1/24 limited edition), Gallery Muse, Petersfield.

    Collection Trimester (photographic print on foam board).

    Auction ART/Converters 2014; Studio1-1Gallery, London.

    T-Land (photographic print on silk) Nelly Globe Gallery.

    Annual Auction of Artwork, Stockport.

    T-Land (two photographic prints), Jeni Williams, Auction of Artwork, Asylum Justice c/o YMCA, Swansea.



    Trimester (film), Kino Foundation – Awards for All, Portsmouth

    Trimester, Diving museum, Gosport, best artwork of underwater exhibition

    Prize Happy Days (film), Best Graduate Prize at the Glyn Vivian Gallery, Swansea







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