'It's the first time I've shown work next to the Mad Men title sequence!

Many thanks to Graham McLaren and the Wunderkammer Press for including my sculpture 'The Vulnerability of Hope' in 'Creating Spaces: The History of Bath Schools of Art and Design'.

So many great alumni and lecturers, including Howard Hodgkin, Laura Ford, Peter Randall Page, Kenneth Armitage, Salima Hashmini, Robyn Denny, Gillian Ayres, Gavin Turk, Maria Lalic and Dexter Dalwood to name but a few!'

As a lecturer and MFA alumna of Bath School of Art and Design, Julieann’s sculpture ‘The Vulnerability of Hope’ is featured in this new publication from Wunderkammer Press.

Creating Spaces explores for the first time the rich and intriguing 160-year history of the Bath Schools of Art and Design in its entirety. It charts the diverse buildings, people and events that have shaped them over the years and shows how the city that founded the original Bath School of Art in 1853 has continued to play a key role in transforming its many spaces ever since.


• Published: March 2020