Join us to celebrate the unveiling of our new acquisition Duchamp’s Ring 2013-2017 by Mike Chavez-Dawson with a brand new bespoke performance by artist-curator Mike Chavez-Dawson & Co.

Hear Philadelphian Duchamp expert art critic and historian Dr Micky Ruttman (performed by actor Mark Butt) introduce *BOTB DRU, with script by JT Chavez inspired by an essay by arts writer Sara Jaspan. The performance will premiere the song ‘Buddha of the Bathroom’ featuring Chavez-Dawson and artist-musician Ruby Tingle.

On 4 May 1917, exactly 100 years ago, the Dada art journal The Blind Man was published. It featured an article about the controversial display, rejection and subsequent removal of Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, 1917 from exhibition. This sculpture that sees a standard porcelain urinal presented on its back and signed R. Mutt is recognised today as an icon of 20th century art. It is an example of what Duchamp called a ‘readymade’, an ordinary manufactured object classified by the artist as a work of art. 100 years later, it continues to provoke the question ‘is it art?’

All guests will be issued a raffle ticket for a prize draw to win a box set of Duchamp Tourism merchandise by amateur artist Katy Caroll at the end of the performance.

Supported by

Manchester City Council, Arts Council of England, Paul Stolper, Fourth Day PR, Bury Art Museum; Sculpture Centre, PAPER Gallery, Louisa Guinness Gallery and FLUX Magazine.

Special thanks to

Lama Jampa Thaye, Arya Dzambala, Jane Chavez-Dawson, Ruby Tingle, JT Chavez, Mark Butt, Sara Jaspan, Dr Micky Ruttman, Maria Balshaw, David Hancock, Simon Woolham, Terry Donalon, Dr John Rowe, Paul Stolper, Amy Wilkinson, Takashi Tateoka, Jon Smith, Susan Lord, Gina Warbuton, Steph Graham, Richard Shields, Frank Cohen, Dr Marios Pierides, Lee Taylor & Claire Lomax and Madame Pamduch Ramcle.