So, as a break with tradition the artist would like to do his thank you's at the beginning.

He like to thank all the Buddha's and Bodhisattvas, Jane Chavez-Dawson, Tony Rheinberg, Jill Howitt, Ruby Tingle, the Fountain '17 team -including all the participating artists and galleries, Armitage Shanks, Art Council of England, Hull City Council, Hull Capital of Culture, the spirit of Marcel Duchamp and Madame Pamduch Ramcle.

So, at 2.17pm today (13/5/17) Mike Chavez-Dawson and his fellow collaborator artist-musician Ruby Tingle will undertake a bespoke performance devised specially for the closing ceremony of Fountain '17 here in Hull, they intend to facilitate a new artwork by Marcel Duchamp himself. As they both ceremoniously anoint the unfired porcelain urinal in black organic food dye.

A new artwork by the spirit of the late artist Duchamp will now haunt this clay, this new work is titled 'Hope Revealed Bare By The Audience Even, 2017' - And after a recent conversation with Duchamp via the spiritual medium Madame Pamduch Ramcle - the haunting work is a seed for positive transformation, prosperity, good health, common decency and the causes of happiness for all the folk within the region and those who encounter his (Duchamp's) work for years to come.

For the facilitating artist Chavez-Dawson the titled of the work is 'Du Sang' (French for blood), and it's a nod to the unseen sweat, blood and tears all artists undertake for their art; with how they embody the beauty of ideas, craft and consistently challenge our everyday perceptions!

This performance treads the line of something coming close to closure, but then reveals itself as a bridge for the transformative, a rebirth of positivity - through letting go and embracing change.

This will act as a bridge for Fountain '17 to now become part of Chavez-Dawson's major art project 'Fountain, Fountain...' to preview Saturday 30th September at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre.