'Fountain, fountain... Evolving Teaser Trailer... Version 1d, 2015 - 2017'

This version debut as part of 'Potent Proposition' and is the first in a series of evolving teaser trailers for a cinematic artist moving image project; a serialized part of Chavez-Dawson's GfA ACE research and development on the seminal work 'Fountain, 1917 - 1964', this will eventually conclude as a 50 minute feature length artwork.

For Chavez-Dawson this seeks to act as an 'exemplification-cum-meditation' around the questionable relevance of the now seemingly iconic artwork ('Fountain, 1917-64').

Additional notes:

Throughout the duration of the exhibition 'Potent Proposition' (three months) additional trailers will accumulate whilst being updated and revised these will replace the previous trailer, here there will be additional footage selected/curated by other artists/collaborators.

This version too date has received collaborations with Coventry filmmaker Brian Harley, actor Bevan Mullinuex, Designer Sam Moore from GRID design, and musician Duke Garwood & producer Stratt Barrett, also archive material from the Duchamp Foundation.

Special thanks goes to Adapt For Arts (Steph & Tom), The Arts Council of England, Sam Moore, Frank Cohen, Harris Art Museum, Dr Marios Pierides, Dr John and Atelier One.