Location: Hudson River Valley Workshops

This experimental workshop will focus on combining several images to create a real or imagined journey. Choose to capture the essence of a memorable trip that you have experienced, journey to a time or place you have always wanted to go to but have never had the opportunity to or choose a person to take on a journey through their life.

Sue will guide you through quick & easy ways to get started and share the simple processes she uses herself. The aim of the workshop is to encourage exploration and experimentation to capture the spirit of the journey and the people, real or imagined, who will accompany you on that journey.

The workshop will start with a short digital presentation looking at different ways to create your journey whether real or imagined. Over the period of 5 days will explore design and composition, the importance of sampling and you will learn how to add value to your piece by creating richly patterned or textural surfaces.

By the end of the workshop you will have the necessary skills to develop your own narrative work further.

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