Location: Studio 412, Meadowmill West Henderson Wynd 412 WASPS Studios Dundee DD15BY United Kingdom

Wasps presents ‘Surreal Estate’ from Matilda Tumim and Chris Prendergast.

Exhibition Open: 26 Aug - 2 Sep
Open Daily: 11.30am - 5.30pm

Matilda Tumim and Chris Prendergastare based at Wasps Meadow Mill, Dundee.

Using Surrealist games and nonsense poetry they investigate themes related to health and wellbeing. Surreal Estatecombines architecture and anatomy, contrasting utopian and dystopian fictions within people’s homes. Hung together the drawings form streets, four streets form the exhibition.

This exhibition was originally scheduled for March 2020. During the time created while shielding the artists have worked on creating Surreal mindfulness drawings for anyone to download and colour in. These are available as free downloads from their website under the heading “Knot Gardens”.