#Five2Watch: In the City

Uzma Sultan, Chaat House, 2014

Published: 12 February 2016

In #Five2Watch this week get a sense of different views and relationships to the cityscape.

Selected artists:

Uzma Sultan>

Chaat House, 2014 (Above)

Steve Dutton>

Crash House Blaze Drame, 2015

Steved Article (1)

Rory Duckhouse >

The Tourist, 2014

Roryd Article (1)

Adam Gruning >

Borrowed Drive, 2015

Adamg Article (1)

Peter Gudynas >

Fernsehturm Reflexion, 2014

Peterg Article (1)

 Published 12 February 2016

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Author: Axisweb

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