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Object in the Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear, 2016, Rory Duckhouse

Published: 15 March 2016

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Rory Dh Insta Article2

15 - 19 March, Rory Duckhouse

Rory has recently been undertaking a residency at g39 in Cardiff, which culminates on the 19. The project he has been working on, 'what makes this landscape beautiful? What makes these portraits so picture perfect?' considers how we learn vidsual languages.

Nik Ramage Insta Article

4 - 7 April, Nik Ramage

Nik is currently working on a solo exhibition of 42 sculptural machines and contacptions,opening at Paul Smith, Albermarle St. in April. His instagram takeover will take us behind the scenes of the install and last minute exhibition preparations.

Mark Tamer Insta Article

14 - 19 April, Mark Tamer

As part of a project titled 'Breaking Pictures' Mark Tamer will use Instagram to demonstarte the technique of glitching image, and exhibiting the results. The project considers the digital photograph as an object itself.

Di Mcghee Insta Article

 4 - 8 May, Di McGhee

Following on from a recent work 'Our Fish Can Fly!' Di will be working on a series of text and image works within outdoor locations. Documenting these on Instagram, they will prompt quesitons about extreme weather and climate change. 

 Julian Claxton

11 - 12 May, Julian Claxton

For Julian's takeover he will be assuming the guise of The Mysterious Blue Rider - a long running Instagram project featuring the eponymous hero's own selfie project.

robin everett 

16 - 19 May, Robin Everett

A month long artists residency in the remote Kainuu province of Finland exploring the surrounding wilds for natural sources of pigment - bones, wood, earths, and plants. These are then taken back to the studio, extracted, and used as the sole materials in drawings and paintings in response. There is great scope for a wide variety of images here from remote locations to artist processes to artistic outcomes and explorations.


Author: Axisweb

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