Why insurance?

Published: 21 April 2016

Our members told us they were either paying high fees (one artist was paying £552 per year) or the affordable insurance they could access was restricted by activity, geographical location, didn’t cover their work with clients or they were taking the risk of no cover.

Our ambition is to get the basics right. A policy to protect artists, protect who they come into contact with, protect who they work with and cover the increasing range of activities they undertake. Using what our members told us, analysing their activities, places of work and talking to commissioners we established a baseline of insurance needs.

  • Artists do many things - making, showing, undertaking commissions, running workshops, organising events, working with communities, working with children, working with developers, delivering projects, project management, consultancy and so on.
  • Artists increasingly provide professional advice and deliver professional services.
  • Artists, their activities and their creations come into contact with the public, through exhibitions, events, projects, commissions or just opening up their studios.
  • Artists (certainly our members) operate beyond borders, increasingly within the EU and sometimes worldwide.

An artist involved in any of the above activity faces risks. Working with our insurance broker Perkins-Slade and Hiscox Insurance we designed a policy to fit with our Members’ needs. The policy is unique, comprehensive and the key features include:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - protecting artists whose work involves giving advice or providing a professional service to a client.
  • Public Liability Insurance - protecting the artist when their activities involve contact with members of the public. 
  • Products Liability Insurance - protecting in the event a member of the public sustains injury or damage to their property caused by a product of the artist.
  • The cover recognises that artists work outside the UK. Professional Indemnity provides worldwide cover and Public and Product Liability provides EU cover.
  • Affordability - the insurance is a benefit of Axis Network Associate membership for £25 per year or £2.50 per month.

The insurance is accessible to any artist, maker, creative who signs up to the Axis Network Associate membership option.

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