My Body Is The House That I Live In: Work in Progress

Work In Progress: My Body Is The House That I Live In Work, 2019, Romily Alice Walden

Published: 18 January 2019

Romily’s installation consists of white neon tubes, placed horizontally, one below the other on the wall. Each tube corresponds to a facet of 'wellness:' physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, occupational, sexual, social and spiritual.

Every hour, a participant assigns each wellness category a number from 0-10, 0 being no wellness in that category and 10 being full wellness; that number will determine each tube’s brightness for the next hour.

At 0 the tube will be off, for each number up to 10 the tube will glow fractionally brighter, with a score of 10 corresponding to full brightness.

The work will become an ever-evolving portrait of living with sickness, one that views disability as a political issue, moving illness out of isolation and into the public realm.

2 January 2019 - Work in progress

I got quite behind with this project - working on a project about being very sick is quite tricky when you're very sick!! But I'm back on track now.

I now have a mock-up of the installation at home, and I'm working on finishing up the code at the moment.

 Work In Progress: My Body Is The House That I Live In 5, 2019, Romily Alice Walden 

Work In Progress: My Body Is The House That I Live In, 2019 Romily Alice Walden


I have found the 3 participants (plus myself) and everyone is going to be starting soon to prep their data for the exhibition.


Work In Progress: My Body Is The House That I Live In, 2019 Romily Alice Walden 

Work In Progress: Blank worksheet to be given to all participants

Over the last 10 days I have recorded my own personal 0-10 scores (0 being minimum ‘wellness’ and 10 being maximum ‘wellness), which I’m going to use to test the code and make sure it’s all running ok.


Work in Progress: Endless code of data from Romily's personal 0-10 scores over the last 10 days.


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My Body Is The House That I live In the artist will be installing a durational performance of their own disabled experience, inviting an audience to confront the monotonous reality of living with a chronic health condition, and to challenge their own internalised notions of wellness/sickness, disabled/able-bodied binaries. The cold white colouring and trailing cables will echo the sterile medical environment, the aversion of eyes in public streets, and the perceived (and felt) imposition of sickness upon the able-bodied public.

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