Published: 28 March 2020




Following our commitment to revise our commissions programme and to continue financially supporting our members, we’re offering 5 paid opportunities for members to deliver audio content.

We know that many of you (like us!) may be struggling to balance the desire to stay occupied with serious levels of screen fatigue. In these uncertain times it’s often hard to turn away from our computers, televisions, phones and the continual stream of social media posts and news reports. In response, we’re looking for engaging audio content that can keep us busy, entertained, interested or maybe just give us a good excuse to dance - without the need to stare at our devices!

We’re open to old and new content that can be delivered as a recording or even live with an approximate duration of 30-60 minutes.


Examples of audio content include:

Music, Sound Art, Audio Performances, Readings, Instructions, Conversations.


Selected artists will receive £80 per commission.

Applications will be open from Friday 27th March and continue to rollover throughout April.

We will deliver audio content each Sunday evening from 5th April for 5 weeks.

To apply for this opportunity please complete the short form here.



Author: Axisweb

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