Digital Residency recipients announced

Published: 15 January 2021

We’re kicking off 2021 with an exciting announcement. After much deliberation we’ve selected the artists who will be undertaking our Digital Residencies during the first half of this year. 

The Digital Residencies we’re starting to roll out in 2021 form part of our long-term strategy in our programming and content. The ambition is to work more closely with our members, support their practice and explore ways their work is documented and disseminated through digital platforms. The thematic nature of the Residencies will also help inform other content that we profile and commission. We hope this holistic approach will bring a sense of clarity and vision to Axis as an organisation and also help foster new partnerships through sharing and collaboration.

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth

If You Can’t See My Mirrors I Can’t See You, 2010, by Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth. video still.

Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth will use the residency to develop a new work in response to ‘If You Can’t See My Mirrors I Can’t See You’, their co-authored single-channel video commissioned by Serpentine Cinema (CINACT) made in 2010.

"We are delighted to be awarded the Axis Digital Residency. It’s a timely opportunity for us to reconnect as collaborators through reconsidering a work ten years after we first made it. We created the original video at a point when, unknown to us, we were coming to the end of a long and intensive period of collaboration. We are now looking forward to developing a new iteration which questions how to continue a conversation when so much has changed.”

Jaron Hill

Jaron Hill

Ella Marsh x Jesson Hill (2018) a video collaboration between Jason Hill and Angelina Jesson for fashion designer Ella Marsh. 

Our second recipient Jaron Hill will use the residency to explore issues around identity through digital portraiture. 

“I’ve been thinking recently about how internal and external landscapes shape one another, and how cultural forces shape internal and external landscapes respectively. Axis have given me a digital home for three months to share my thoughts while letting these ideas brew. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to let my research come to life!”

Each artist/collaboration will receive £1,500, a bespoke package of support, critical engagement from a writer, use of our digital platforms, as well as opportunities to engage with our content and members.


We’re also pleased to announce four micro-commissions which we’re funding out of the residency applications. Each artist/collaboration will receive £500 to realise their project in an adapted form.

Kiara Mohamed and Niloo Sharifi 

Kiara and Niloo

Gulf by Nil00 (VS. Yank Scally) (2020) mixed and mastered by Glitch Trip, audio recording by Zee Davine. video still.

Kiara Mohamed and Niloo Sharifi will be using bots and SMS technology to foster connections and hope in a time of social distancing.

"We are so excited that axis is giving us the opportunity to bring our idea to life. This project is an opportunity to explore new possibilities, using machine learning to bring together expressions of mysticism from across the globe to create new wisdom, and share it with people who need comfort. We're so curious to find out what happens."

Moa Johansson and An*dre Neely

Moa and Andre

Moa Johansson and An*dre Neely will be exploring how collaboration can be achieved from working in two different cities (London and Berlin) through open-source software.

“To receive the commission at this period of our joint-practice is key in supporting a wider artistic research into relational and practice sustainability that we'll be developing over the new year.”

Ro Hardaker

Ro Hardaker

plough your own furrow, 2014, durational performance, 8 hours, Spill Festival of Performance National Platform, Ipswich Police Station, Photos by Guido Mencari

Ro Hardaker will be researching forms of protest that involve sound which will lead to the creation of a socially distanced sound work.

"Very grateful for this opportunity to feel through something new that feels raw and messy. I'll be exploring the power of the voice both individually and in chorus, gesturing towards the possibilities of noise as catharsis and protest.”

Sam Williams

Sam Williams2

the deeper we dig (III), collage of performance documentation, pen, ink, found imagery, performance score, tracing paper, charcoal.

Sam Williams will be developing a digital work titled ‘A Soft Landing’ - a digital garden space in which to share, learn, contribute and care for others.

"Receiving the Axis Micro-Commission during this time is great, as it will help give me the time, focus and support to begin a new long term project that draws together different strands of research. A Soft Landing is imagined as a digital ‘garden’ – an online space which warrants return visits by providing opportunities to share, learn, contribute and care for both ourselves and others."


Author: Axisweb

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